Garrak Thanefury

A Brief History

Proud, strong, bullheaded are words that could describe any dwarf and Garrak Thanefury is no exception in that respect. Inquisitive, curious and unrelenting are words that seperate Garrak from the pack of his brethren. Garrak has always found himself questioning the things around him, trying to make sense out of all of lifes little mysteries. It was on his seventh birthday when he witnessed the power of the raw natural energies that nature possesses; the storm that hit the region lay waste to crops, cattle and even some unfortunate members of their society. It was from then onward that Garrak felt the need to master the mysterious power of nature; to forge it into a tool that he could utilize as he see fit.

Master it he did. It took the better part of his adolescence, but the result was magnificent and something he remains quite proud of. He had unraveled one of lifes greatest mysterious forces and now had complete control over the elements around him. Although he didn’t swing a hammer like his brothers, the eldest of four, he was just as strong and tough as they were, and perhaps a little more frightening and violent. He took the rights of passage, exceeding expectations, and as he gained the title of man, no longer a boy, he willingly received his fathers life debt as well.

A friend of the family, Gondel Wildhammer, had saved Garrak’s father from a fatal situation back during wartime. The families were already close, but the debt of owing a man ones life brings your families even closer together. The passing of the debt from father to son was a sign of just how much the two families trusted each other. Garrak was happy to continue paying the debt, especially since it meant an opportunity to travel to the city of Waterdeep. Garrak knew the control well, but there would be much to experience and learn in the city. It didn’t hurt that the establishment owned by Gondel Wildhammer was an inn; free lodging and easy access to food and drink. It was a lifestyle that Garrak look forward to and it did not disappoint once he arrived.

Three years Garrak has been with the company now. If he’s not on a job you will likely find him at a table with a mug in hand and two more at the ready. The work keeps him busy, his pockets and stomach filled. The city offers new intrigue and adventure with every passing day.


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