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Name Race Class (Level) Player
Al’ain Human Swordmage (1) Dave
Rivek Githyanki Artificer (3) Sam
Xander Keleth Half-Elf Bard (3) Joe
Talos Shifter Ranger/Barbarian (3) Stomp

Party XP/Items spreadsheet

House Rules

Skill Challenges

  • Skill training for all PCs now only adds +3 to a skill instead of the normal +5.
  • 9/12/15 are the base DCs, and they scale by adding floor(level/2) to each of them.
  • Rolls during the challenge will be done using Initiative ordering.
  • A player may opt-out of doing anything when their turn comes up in Initiative, but all DCs for other players increase by +1 until this players next turn to reflect the group having to work harder.
  • Primary Skills used in the challenge will be listed, along with the number of successes/failures for the challenge.
  • Any player may attempt to Aid Another on a different player to add +2 to their next roll of ANY skill, but they have to succeed against an Easy DC using only one of the Primary Skills for the challenge. If they fail it adds one failure to the challenge.
  • Optionally players may attempt to roll against a Hard DC to achieve 2 successes instead of 1.
  • Any player may attempt to use a non-Primary skill for the challenge against a Hard DC if they can justify it, but each non-Primary skill may only be used once in this manner by any player for any given challenge.
  • If a player is not present for a challenge they do not influence it positively or negatively, but they also do not gain any experience related to the challenge.

Main Page

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